Church App Features


Mobile Bible (Multiple Versions)

Church App Bible IconMany people now study the bible on their mobile devices. With a “My Pocket Church” app, we have incorporated one of the most advanced bible software available. Our bible feature comes in multiple versions and languages. Use our search tool to find passages quick and easy.  


Church RSS Blog Feed

Church App Blog IconDoes your church have RSS blog feed? Well our church apps can integrate your feeds where it renders in an appealing layout for your members to read. We create and use custom icons based on your logo. The church blog feed automatically changes when the external RSS feed is updated.


Donation Link Integration

Church App Donation iconDonations are an important part of any non-profit organization. Using a mobile app to collect them is genius. Our development team can assist your church with a mobile donation solution. My Pocket Church is not a processor, but can recommend several options that work with our system.


Join Newsletter

Church App Newsletter iconCreate multiple mailing-list within your church app, so you can send multiple newsletters out to specify groups. Our system allows your church organization to integrate with several systems like Mail-Chimp. In addition, you can enable setting changes like "join" when the app opens.


Contact Information Tab

Church App Contact IconMy Pocket Church app “Contact” tab is a unique feature because it includes an email address, GPS map location, One-touch calling and a direct link to your Church website. This provides your members or visitors with quick access to your office or staff members while their on the go.


Push & GEO Fence Messages

Church App Push-messages IconYou can send unlimited Push-messages to your member’s phone. In addition, our church app includes the ability to perform “GEO fencing” messaging. Create an invisible fence around the church, so members inside the fence can receive the message instantly.


Receive Photo & Audio Files

Church App Audio and Video iconThe My Pocket Church app has two different features that users can attach media content and send via email. First, users can take a photo and send to the church app administrator. Second, the user can record a message and send the same way. This is a great way to receive "Prayer Request."


HTML5 Mobile Games

Church App HTML5 Games IconHTML5 mobile games can be a fun way for members to keep returning to your mobile church app. We have hand picked several HTML5 games, which range from mind excises to puzzles. If you locate an HTML5 games online that you would like to have in your church app, just let us know.


Music/Sermon Audio Player

Church App Music Player IconMusic and sermons are one of the most attractive features when it comes to church apps. Our audio player can integrate files from your website’s url (.mp3), Podcast, 7-Digital and iTunes online marketplaces. In a nutshell, we have the most advanced audio player on the market.


Social Media integration

Church App Social AppSocial media networks are big! We can integrate several social networks into your church app. Some of our most common integrations are Facebook,, Twitter, HolyPal, GooglePlus, Pinterest, LinkedIN, MySpace and many more. My Pocket Church apps can take your organization social.


Church App Sharing

Church App Sharing IconExpand and grow your members! Using the My Pocket Church app, your members can share the app in several ways. With one click the user can email, SMS text or post to their social networks like Twitter and Facebook. New users will hear about how great your church organization is and want to visit for a closer look.


Video Streaming

Church App Video Streaming IconSunday video streaming is very popular amongst church app users. Your organization can literally start its own Sunday T.V station. There are several companies we work with like Sunday Streams. With most of theses companies, you can start with a 30-day free trial account. Mobile streaming will definitely increase your membership.


PDF & Customized Email Forms

Church App PDF iconMany organizations use pdf documents for newsletters, event calendars, sermon notes, funeral obituaries, wedding services, and even church building blueprints. Our Church apps allow your organization to upload or link these documents directly. In addition, the user can also print from their phone.


Make an Appointment

images/Appointment-Icon.pngWant to speak to the pastor in private for counseling or meet with a staff member to get advice? No problem, our church apps has an advanced appointment setting system that allows users to book it while on the go. This church app appointment setting feature can also integrate with your Google Calendar.


Audio & Video Podcast Feed

Church App Podcast IconAn audio or video Podcast feed is an excellent way for any church to display their media content on a mobile device. All you need is an existing podcast link! One of our most popular podcast integration is iTunes. Our church apps can play and display the Podcast feed beautifully for users to view.


Single or Recurring Event Listing

Church App Event IconThis feature allows the church to post current & upcoming events. For example, Sunday Service will always be on the same day of the week. This would be considered a recurring event. When that time has occurred, the event will fall off and the next service time will appear. A single event can be listed one at a time in the same manner.


Free Giving Wall

Church App Free Wall IconStart your own giving section in your church mobile app. Many church organizations use this feature to allow its members and others to post free items for the less fortunate. Users can communicate with each other and take photos to post with their listings. This is a great way to reach the community and give back.


Google Glass (coming soon!)

Church App Glass iconNew things are on the horizon and “Google Glass” is one of them. My Pocket Church app development team is currently working on a streaming integration solution. Once Google releases their product to public, every church app developed on our platform will have the ability to receive your Google Glass sermon stream.

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